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How to Check Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh Quality

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1. Process of stainless steel woven wire mesh:
Wire coming--wire checking--warp wire arranging--in heddle--in reed--on loom--trial weaving--weaving--off loom--(trim cutting)--mesh flattening--mesh checking—packing--labeling--in warehouse--out of warehouse--in container--shipping mark--out of factory

2. Production machines:
RGK loom features: auto control warp wire feeding, high efficiency.
Average speed: 80-100 spins/minute.

3. Weaving range:
* Mesh count: 8-60mesh
* Wire diameter: 0.457-0.191mm, 0.018"-0.0057"
* Roll width: 1.2954mm, 51"
Like stainless steel wire mesh, the finished product offers bright color, uniform opening and flat surface.