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White Annealed Wire

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Ton/Tons
Supply Ability:25 Ton/Tons per Day
Payment Terms:L/C,T/T,Western Union

  • Place of Origin:Hebei China (Mainland)
  • Main Export Market:America, Europe, Australia, Mid-east, Africa, Asia
  • Price:US $1,000 - 5,000 / Ton
  • Price Valid Time:7 days
  • Company Certificate:ISO 9001:2008,CE,SGS
  • Quality Inspection:ISO 9001:2008,CE,SGS
  • HS Code:7314490000
  • Brand Name:DeChengli
  • Type:White Annealed Wire
  • Material:Galvanized Iron Wire,Low-Carbon Iron
  • Means of Transport:by sea
  • Delivery Date:within 20 days
  • Specification:C Content (%):standard level
  • Applications:used in bicycle fittings, kitchen and sanitation tools, goods shelf
  • Packaging Detail:In coils by bulk, by carton or pallet according to custmoers request
  • Delivery Detail:within 30 days after formal order

Material: cold drawing wire, mild steel wire.

Production Process:
Steel rod coil -- Wire Drawing -- Annealing -- Rust Removing -- Acid Washing -- Zinc Plating -- Wire Coiling.

Tensile strength: 350-550MPa or according to your request.


Main characters:
* High tensile and flexibility
* Softer than normal black wire
* Uniform softness and firmness in chroma
* Low cost and more economic choice
* Easy to handle and install

Packing: Plastic spool /coil accoring to the wire size+carton+pallet / wooden according to customer's requirement. To make sure no any damage whether delivery by sea or by air.

White Annealed Wire

Wire Gauge
































































>> Raw Materials
Our raw materials are procured only from reputable sources that we regularly visit and audit.
Our material suppliers are all ISO 9001 certified and we procure our raw materials to the following minimum standards and grades:ASTM A1011M (American Standard) BS EN 10025 Grade S275 JR (British Standard and European Norm)
>> Manufacturing Standards
We manufacture our gratings to many international standards of which the most common are:
ANSI/NAAMM MBG 531-00 (American National Standard)
BS 4592-1:2006 (British Standard)
>> Welding
Our welders are tested and approved to the following standards:
AWS D1.1:2010 (American Welding Standard) BS EN 287-1:2004 (British Standard and European Norm)
>> Hot Dip Galvanized
Our products are hot dip galvanized (if required) to the following standards:ASTM A123 (American Standard)
BS EN ISO 1461:2009 (British Standard and European Norm)
Various Fence Posts
Round Type No.01
Round Type No.02
Curvy Type No.01
Peach Type No.01
Square Type No.01
C Type No.01

Other Accessories
Accessory No.01
Accessory No.02
Accessory No.03
Accessory No.04
Accessory No.05
Accessory No.06
Packaging:steel grating packing Packing sizes decided by product sizes.
How to Install Chain Link Fence?
Useful tools for installing chain link fence
Tape Measure
Wire Cutters
Sledge Hammer
Post Hole Digger
Wheelbarrow, Shovel and Hoe to Mix and Transport Concrete
Hacksaw or Post Cutter
String / Mason Line and Stakes
Crescent Wrench
Fence Stretcher (ratchet type power pull, block and tackle, or similar device may be used. Most wire stretching tools can be borrowed or locally rented.)
Materials Needed for Residential Chain Link Fence




Fence Fabric

Usually sold in rolls of 50 feet

Top Rail

Total footage of fence less gate openings

Line Posts (intermediate posts)

Divide total footage by 10 and round up (see chart below)

Terminal Posts (end, corner, and gate posts) (usually larger than line posts)

As required (2 for each gate)

Top Rail Sleeve

1 for each length of plain top rail. Not required for swedged top rail

Loop Caps

Use 1 per line post (two styles shown left)

Tension Bar

Use 1 for each end or gate post, 2 for each corner post

Brace Band

Use 1 per tension bar (holds rail end in place)

Rail Ends

Use 1 per tension bar

Tension Band

Use 4 per tension bar or 1 per foot of fence height

Carriage Bolts 5/16" x 1 1/4"

Use 1 per tension or brace band

Post Cap

Use 1 for each terminal post

Fence Tie / Hook Ties

1 for every 12" of line posts and 1 for every 24" of top rail

Walk Gate

Double Drive Gate

Male Hinge / Post Hinge

2 per single walk gates and 4 per double drive gate

Carriage Bolts 3/8" x 3"

1 per male hinge

Female Hinge / Gate Hinge
2 per single walk gates and 4 per double drive gate
Carriage Bolt 3/8" x 1 3/4"
1 per female hinge
Fork Latch
1 per walk gate
Step 1 - Survey Property Lines
Be sure that the fence does not exceed property lines. Most fence installers recommend that all posts be set approximately 4" inside the property line. This will help avoid encroaching on adjoining property with concrete footings. This is easily done by stretching a string along the property line and setting the posts 4" inside.

Step 2 - Locate and set Terminal Posts (corner, end, and gate posts are called terminal posts)
Distance between gate posts is determined by adding the actual width of the gate plus an allowance for hinges and latches. Usually walk gates require 3 3/4" for hinges and latches and double drive gates require 5 1/2". Next, dig the holes.
Terminal posts should be set 2" higher than the height of the fence fabric and line posts 2" lower than the height of the fence fabric (terminal posts should be 4" higher than the line posts). Set the terminal posts in concrete using a concrete mix. You can use 1 part cement, 2 parts sand, and 4 parts gravel. There is also pre-mix cement. Use a level to make sure the posts are straight. Posts should be centered in the hole. Crown posts footings so the water will drain away from the posts.

Step 3 - Locate and set Line Posts
After the concrete around the terminal posts have hardened, stretch a string tight between the terminal posts. The string should be 4" below the top of the terminal posts. Line posts should not be spaced more than 10 feet apart. For example, if the length between two terminal posts is 30 feet, then line posts would be spaced 10 feet apart (see chart below).
Line Post Spacing Chart

Space Between Terminal Posts

Set Line Posts Apart

Space Between Terminal Posts

Set Line Posts Apart

30 ft

10 ft

76 ft

9 ft 6 in

31 ft

7 ft 9 in

77 ft

9 ft 7 in

32 ft

8 ft

78 ft

9 ft 9 in

33 ft

8 ft 3 in

79 ft

9 ft 10 in

34 ft

8 ft 6 in

80 ft

10 ft

35 ft

8 ft 9 in

81 ft

9 ft

36 ft

9 ft

82 ft

9 ft 1 in

37 ft

9 ft 3 in

83 ft

9 ft 3 in

38 ft

9 ft 6 in

84 ft

9 ft 4 in

39 ft

9 ft 9 in

85 ft

9 ft 6 in

40 ft

10 ft

86 ft

9 ft 7 in

41 ft

8 ft 2 in

87 ft

9 ft 8 in

42 ft

8  ft 5 in

88 ft

9 ft 9 in

43 ft

8  ft 6 in

89 ft

9 ft 10 in

44 ft

8 ft 9 in

90 ft

9 ft

45 ft

9 ft

91 ft

9 ft 2 in

46 ft

9 ft 2 in

92 ft

9 ft 2 in

47 ft

9 ft 5 in

93 ft

9 ft 3 in

48 ft

9 ft 7 in

94 ft

9 ft 5 in

49 ft

9 ft 9 in

95 ft

9 ft 6 in

50 ft

10 ft

96 ft

9  ft 7 in

51 ft

8 ft 6 in

97 ft

9  ft 7 in

52 ft

8 ft 8 in

98 ft

9  ft 8 in

53 ft

8 ft 10 in

99 ft

9  ft 9 in

54 ft

9 ft

100 ft

10  ft

55 ft

8 ft 2 in

101 ft

9  ft 2 in

56 ft

9 ft 4 in

102 ft

9  ft 3 in

57 ft

9 ft 6 in

103 ft

9  ft 4 in

58 ft

9 ft 8 in

104 ft

9  ft 5 in

59 ft

9 ft 10 in

105 ft

9  ft 6 in

60 ft

10 ft

106 ft

9  ft 7 in

61 ft

8 ft 8 in

107 ft

9  ft 8 in

62 ft

8 ft 10 in

108 ft

9  ft 9 in

63 ft

9 ft

109 ft

9  ft 10 in

64 ft

9 ft

110 ft

10 ft

65 ft

9 ft 3 in

111 ft

9  ft 3 in

66 ft

9 ft 5 in

112 ft

9  ft 4 in

67 ft

9 ft 7 in

113 ft

9  ft 5 in

68 ft

9 ft 8 in

114 ft

9  ft 6 in

69 ft

9 ft 10 in

115 ft

9  ft 7 in

70 ft

10 ft

116 ft

9  ft 8 in

71 ft

8 ft 9 in

117 ft

9  ft 9 in

72 ft

9 ft

118 ft

9  ft 10 in

73 ft

9 ft 2 in

119 ft

9  ft 10 in

74 ft

9 ft 3 in

120 ft

10 ft

75 ft

9 ft 4 in

121 ft

9  ft 3 in

Dig the post holes and set the line posts. Before concrete begins to set, adjust post height by moving post up or down. Top of the line posts should be even with the string. Check with level to make sure posts are straight.

Step 4 - Apply Fittings to Terminal Posts
Check material list and fittings chart above. After all posts have been installed and the concrete footings have hardened, slip the tension and brace bands onto the terminal posts. The long flat surface of the tension band should face towards the outside of the fence. Take care not to spread or distort the fittings. Now apply terminal post caps.

Step 5 - Apply Top Rail
Attach loop caps to line posts. Insert one length of top rail Post through the eye-top closest to one of the terminal post. Slide a rail end onto the end of the top rail and attach it to a termianl post by using the brace band (If using swedge top rail, do not insert the swedged end into the rail end). Secure the rail end to the brace band with a carriage bolt. Continue by attaching top rails together. If swedged top rail is not used, you'll connect the rail ends together by using top rail sleeve. Upon reaching the other terminal post, measure carefully and cut the top rail to fit tightly into the rail end. Secure rail end to the terminal post with brace band and carriage bolt.

Step 6 - Hang Chain Link Fabric
Unroll the chain link fabric on the ground along the fence line. Slide tension bar through the last link on the chain link fabric. Stand the fabric up and lay it against the posts. Fasten the tension bar (that you just inserted) to the terminal post with tension bands (already on the post). Use the carriage bolts with the head to the outside of the fence. Walk along the fence and take the slack out. Loosely attach fabric to top rail with a few wire ties.
To connect two sections or rolls of fence fabric together - take a single strand of wire from one of the sections of fence (Sometimes it is necessary to remove a second wire on the one end in order for the two sections to mesh properly.). Place the two section of fence next to each other (end on end). Join the two sections by winding (corkscrew fashion) the loose strand down through the fence. Join and tighten the knuckles at bottom and top. Now you shouldn't even be able to see where the two sections were connection together.
To remove excess chain link fence fabric - untie both top and bottom ends of fence (knuckles - pliers shown below). Twist the wire in a corkscrew fashion until the fence comes apart. One picket shown in red is turned until the fence is separated.

Step 7 - Stretch Chain Link Fabric
Fabric should already be fastened to the opposite end of the fence. Insert a tension bar (may need an extra one) approximately 3 feet inside the unattached end of the fabric. Securely fasten one end of the fence stretcher to the tension bar and the other end to the terminal post. Stretch the fabric - the correct tension should allow a slight amount of give when squeezed by hand. The top of the fabric should be located approximately 1/2" above top rail. Adjust fabric to exact length by adding or removing wire as mentioned in step 6. Insert a tension bar at the end of the fabric and connect tension bands on terminal post. Remove fence stretcher. Attach wire ties to top rail 24" apart. Attach wire ties to posts 12" apart. Tighten nuts on all brace and tension bands.

Step 8 - Hanging Gates
After the fence has been completed, install the male hinges to one of the gate posts, hanging the top hinge with pin pointing down and the bottom hinge with the pin pointing up. This will prevent the gate from being lifted off. Set gate in place, aligning top of the gate with the top of fence. Adjust and tighten hinges to allow for full swing. Install gate latch for single gates. Double gates use the same procedure but install center latching device (fork latch).

Notes: Post depth can be determined by local weather and soil conditions, terminal posts are normally dug 10" wide and 18" to 30" deep. Depending on the wind and soil conditions you may want to use 8' centers or even a more narrow spacing for line posts. You may want to use longer line or terminal posts depending on the wind and soil conditions in your area. If you want to add privacy slats in the future, make sure the frame work will be strong enough for additional wind load.

Anping County DeChengli Hardware Products Co.,Ltd.can service for you.If you have any questions about our products, plese feel free to contact us.

01. RETURN OF PRODUCTS---Goods cannot be returned, and orders once accepted by our company cannot be canceled, except upon the written approval of our company. Cut to size items and special orders may not be returned unless it has been determined to be provided in error by our company. Customers returning goods are responsible for freight charges, and shall be assessed a restocking fee of $100 or 20% of the order, whichever is greater.

02. FORCE MAJEURE---Our company shall not be liable for failure to perform its obligations resulting directly or indirectly from or contributed to by acts of God; acts of Buyer, civil or military authority, including wage and price controls; fires; war; riot; delays in transportation; lack of or inability to obtain raw materials (including energy sources), components, labor, fuel or supplies; or other circumstances beyond our company's reasonable control, whether similar or dissimilar to the foregoing. If certain quantities are affected and other quantities are not, the quantities affected shall be eliminated without liability, but the agreement shall remain unaffected. Our company may during any period of shortage due to any of said causes, allocate its supply of such raw materials among its various users thereof in any manner which our company deems fair and reasonable. In no event shall our company be liable for special or consequential damages for any delay for any cause.

03. LIABILITY---Our company shall not be responsible, obligated, or liable for any injury or damage resulting from an application or use of its products, either singularly or in combination with other products, arising out of acceptance of this order.Our company shall have no liability for errors in weight or quantity delivered unless claim is made by Buyer within five (5) days after receipt of shipment and accompanied by original transportation bill signed by carrier noting that carrier received the goods from our company in the condition claimed. If such timely claim is made by Buyer, and the claim is deemded valid by our company, our company may fulfill its responsibility by either shipping the quantity necessary to make good the deficiency, or at our company's option, crediting Buyer with the invoice price of the deficiency.

04. WARRANTY---All goods sold by our company are warranted to Buyer to be free from defects in material and workmanship, and manufactured in accordance with industry standards. The foregoing warranty is nonassignable and in lieu of and excludes all other warranties not expressly set forth herein, whether express or implied by operation of law or otherwise including but not limited to any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness. No agent, employee, or representative of our company has any authority to bind our company to any representation, affirmation, or warranty concerning the goods and any such representation, affirmation, or warranty shall not be deemed to have become a part of the basis of this agreement and shall be unenforceable. Any claimed defect in material or workmanship shall be deemed waived by Buyer unless submitted to our company in writing within five (5) days from the date the goods are received by Buyer.

Our company shall not be liable under the foregoing warranty if any loss or damage is caused by improper application or use of the goods. Our company disclaims all liability with respect to the design of the goods and makes no warranty with respect to such design. This warranty is in lieu of and excludes all other warranties, whether express, implied, or statutory, including implied warranties of merchantability or fitness.

05. SELECTION---Buyer represents that the goods sold hereunder are fit for their actual or intended use and that Buyer placed no reliance on our company's skill or judgment in selecting suitable goods or materials or in the design of suitable goods and materials. Buyer represents that the use and installation of the goods shall be made in compliance with all applicable government requirements. Buyer will defend, indemnify and hold harmless our company, its successors, assigns and subsidiaries from and against all costs (including attorney's fees), damages and liabilities resulting from actual or alleged claims asserted or any penalties proposed or assessed our company for any alleged violation of any federal, slate or local law, rule, regulation or standard, by reason of or in connection with any use of the goods delivered hereunder.

06. CHOICE OF LAW---This agreement and matters connected with the performance thereof shall be construed in accordance with, and governed by, the law of the State of Florida as if it were executed and performed entirely within the State of Florida. Further, it shall be construed to be between merchants.

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